Itchy Feet spring schedule

Tumbler Ridge is in its 15th year of Itchy Feet! This partnership between the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society and the Tumbler Ridge Public Library features winter armchair-travelling at its best. Presenters showcase their travels or interesting experiences from the previous year, and there is often fascinating food and tea to go with the show. All the shows are free and are held at 7 p.m. in the Library on Thursday evenings. This year there will also be a special Kids Itchy feet event – date to be announced.

The 2008 agenda is:

JANUARY 17th Daniel and Charles Helm take us to Namibia and South Africa (and a quick review of the 2007 school trip to Europe) 24th Celebrating a trip by Mary and Dorothy to Scotland and Ireland, on the evening before Robbie Burns Day, and featuring Tyler Shaw on the bagpipes bringing in the haggis and live Celtic music. 31st Sarah Gamble and Craig Waters, the archaeologists who have recently moved to Tumbler Ridge, will talk about their work in our area.

FEBRUARY 7th Our first TEEN and adult Itchy Feet combination: Japan with Hiroki Tanashita and Mayu Shibata, our Japanese exchange students.

14th Family Mandeville canoes Bowron Lakes. Take your family out for a show and Valentine treats for Valentine?s Day!

21st Peter and Julie Hartevelt take us to Holland, focussing on water management in a country where it truly is a consideration.

28th Rob Mandeville talks on his volunteer work in Cambodia.

MARCH 6th Bob and Delores Norman travel to New Zealand and pop over to Australia.

13th Lorraine Harrison visits Nepal. Lorraine has previously presented excellent Itchy Feet evenings on Mexico and Chile.