Itchy Feet

Locals Arley Harder and Warren Poff exchange stories with Ross Peck who was on hand Wednesday, March 17th for the Museum Foundation’s presentation at the Library. Peck shared stories about his Grandparents, Vic and Kathleen Peck who settled in the Tumbler Ridge area in 1914 where they raised their four sons in the vast wilderness. Ross closed his presentation with an excerpt from his Grandfather describing this area, written November 5, 1921. Vic writes, “We have the whole mountain range laying back of us for a playground, and some playground is right. Of course it will starve a boy to death, it will freeze him and it will drown him but aside from a few little things like that, it is a great little playground. Ross is a guide outfitter and biologist consultant. He and his wife Deb breed mountain horses near Hudson’s Hope.