January 23 Council Meeting

Trent Ernst, Editor

Present Councillor Mackay (Chair), Councillors Caisley, Howe, Krakowka and Scott. Councillor Kirby by phone.



Rose Snyder came before Council to provide an update on TR Cares. Since the last time she appeared before Council, TR Cares has calculated how the Golf Tournament did, and it raised in excess of $10,000. They will continue with their own grant writing, and have an optimistic financial balance for the next year.

The medical shuttle service has seen a huge spike in usage over the winter. She suspects a part of that is due to the bad roads. Last week, she said, they had to send out four vehicles on one day. This year there were 16 families and nine individuals who were provided some support. Working in conjunction with the Food Bank.

She says the Northern Health contract for Shuttle Service has been renewed. They have purchased a condo for $1. Providing maintenance for BC Housing, and they are already in the first stages of planning for next years golf tournament.

Councillor Howe asks if there’s been a decrease in need with Conuma. No, says Snyder. Not everyone can work and not everyone is working at the mine, she says. “Many people have fallen into a hole over the last 18 months and are struggling to get out.”

Councillor Caisley asks about people who came to town on low income. Snyder says there are people who came here for cheap rent, but find themselves stuck here, because they can’t afford to rent a truck and leave. Councillor Caisley asks about the number of people who need assistance and are they all employable? She says people come here because they hear there is work. She says of the last 50 people, maybe 20 fit that category. She tells of a person who found a job in Vancouver, but he couldn’t afford to get there, so they were able to provide $100 for gas to get there. “There’s this belief that everyone has great jobs suddenly, but that’s not the case,” she says.



Correspondence received from Roy Osbourne requesting a meeting with Mayor and Council regarding a possible situation of the District aiding a business.


Correspondence received from Doug and Lorrie Spinney regarding a fence they constructed at 204 Bergeron Drive and the interpretation of the District’s Zoning Bylaw. They built a fence on their property, which they feel follows the bylaws, but they are being asked to move the fence, as the District believes it does not.

Motion for staff to respond to the letter.


Correspondence received from North River Developments requesting a one year extension on the covenant pertaining to Lot 1, Plan 33844 Willow Drive. Motion to extend it one year passes


Correspondence received from the Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundation requesting a donation of $500 for a memorial for soldiers.



Council approved the appointment of David Price to the Board of Directors for the Tumbler Ridge Library, effective immediately.


Council granted Jordan Wall (Chief Administrative Officer), Laura Sanders (Chief Financial Officer) and Dianna Gies (Finance Manager) access to the District’s banking information and accounts by way of online banking and front counter service at the Lake View Credit Union in Tumbler Ridge.


Finding a new tourism-related use for the District-owned former Visitor Information Centre (VIC) premises was one of Council’s strategic priorities for 2016, reports CAO Wall. During a Policies and Priorities meeting in 2016 Council heard from a delegation comprised of Above Tumbler Ridge and Filaprint in which they stated their interest in using the old VIC to house a tourism supply company.

From that meeting Council gave direction to staff to proceed with this opportunity. In keeping with the District’s Community Charter limits in November 2016 the District placed an Expression of Interest notice in the Tumbler Ridge News for two consecutive weeks and also on the District website. In addition, it was posted on social media. The competition recently closed without a single response. This is despite three separate business people inquiring about the property.

Councillor Howe moves to have the building removed. His understanding was that building was to be condemned. To hear now that it wasn’t in such bad shape, it doesn’t make him feel good.

Passes. Councillor Kirby opposed.

Wall asks where the funds of removing this will come from. “Are we looking at taking out the concrete pad, replacing it? We can bring a report back on it.”

Howe says an option could also be to sell the building. “Have those options added in as an option, he requests. Wall says that will be added into the report.


Council adopted terms of reference for the District’s Asset Management Committee.


Despite the prominence and visual appeal of the new Visitor Information Centre (VIC), some visitors to Tumbler Ridge say it is difficult to find due to a lack of signage or other obvious external identifiers, reports EDO John Powell. While the VIC structure itself is largely complete, several outdoor features have yet to be completed. A previous signage design was presented to Council in early 2016, prior to the adoption of the new branding and logo, but this design was rejected by Council.

The new design is larger and more prominent at 10 feet tall and 15 feet, 6 inches wide and would cost $25,614.00 + tax, but excluding the LED screen. The screen would cause the final price to go to anywhere from $51,110 + tax to $84,182 + tax, depending on which option is chosen.

Councillor Scott says she’s not in favour of the LED portion of the sign. Councillor Krakowka says the LED screen at the Community Centre has been problematic, so he agrees.

Council moved to support the installation of a high quality and visually appealing sign that complements and adds value to the new VIC; and approved the VIC sign design as presented, excluding the LED screens. Councillor Howe opposed.