JCP donates tools to trail building clubs

Trent Ernst, Editor

The recent Job Creation Partnership not only built the new trail to Qu_mg_6652_webality Lake and a shelter at Moose Lake, cleaned a variety of trails, but now it has donated $15,000 worth of equipment to various clubs around Tumbler Ridge.

“At the beginning of this process, part of the agreement was anything that was left over would go back into the community,” says Chamber Manager Jerrilyn Schembri. “We had six chainsaws, four brush cutters, a table saw, two cordless drills, a generator and various hand tools that we gave to the Grizzly Valley ATV club, the Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club, Search and Rescue, the Rangers and the Wolverine and Nordic and Mountain Society.”

Tim Croston, president of the ATV club, says the equipment will be put to good use. “Part of it will be to maintain the trails that were already cleared or built this year, as part of the agreement when you register trails like the Quality Lake Trail, we’re now responsible for the upkeep of that trail. We’ll have to go through there at least once a year and cut down any trees that have fallen down.”

He says the club will also work on clearing some of the trails that haven’t been cleared yet, like the 350 man camp trail (Wong Way Trail).