Jennifer grew up on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Tumbler Ridge in 2008 on April 1st. She started painting with acrylic on canvass in 2001, and took community art classes for 6 years. Since then, her style has grown into an electric, individual art form. She plays with bright and vivid colors and her paintings make people happy. A painting by Jennifer would make a great gift that gives joy. When you look at a painting by Jennifer, you feel like you want to step into it and enjoy a beautiful world as seen through Jennifer?s eyes. Why does Jennifer paint? ?I paint because I can go into my own little, happy world, listen to music and be free from stress. My paintings are a way of sharing my happiness and excitement with others.?

When you buy a painting from Jennifer, you are receiving a ?smile? to pass along to someone else to enjoy. Jennifer has a personality just like her paintings: she is happy, colorful and exciting. Her art is on display at the Art Gallery in the Community Centre or call 242-4496 for more information.