Jerrilyn Schembri ? Candidate for Councillor 2008 ? Tumbler Ridge, BC

Being on council is not just about the ability to recognize issues. Being on council is about character and commitment, about having the integrity to do what you say. It?s about being approachable and listening to people. It?s about having the qualities that make a good leader and respecting differences of opinion. It?s about working for the community as part of a team.

Being part of a team began early with me. I was very involved with sports as a young adult and learned early the value of working together to accomplish goals, first on my school sports teams and later training with the national women?s team. I learned that good team work is what sets apart a mediocre team from a winning team and I have tried to incorporate these lessons into my life.

I was elected to Town Council in Tumbler Ridge earlier this year in a by-election and have worked hard to be a part of the team. While it has been difficult, I think we have made progress but there is still much we can do.

I have lived in Tumbler Ridge for the past 21 years and during that time have filled many volunteer roles within the community as well as completing much of my post secondary education in Social Work and Emergency Management. This training has made me much more aware of the threat that disasters can pose to us and the world around us. This is a time to seriously look at emergency management and preparedness in Tumbler Ridge. It is time we start asking ourselves, what can we do to prepare? A good emergency plan is not enough. We need to be proactive and continue working towards building a safer community.

Tumbler Ridge must become solution focused not problem driven in order to move ahead in the coming years and become a strong, healthy and vibrant community. What will it take to see youth, seniors, families, businesses, industry and organizations working together to build community? How do we build a community that is a safe place for families to live? We need to look at past successes and build upon them.