Jet Boat restrictions on the Murray River

The emails that the newspaper received concerning the fate of riverboats on the Murray are a cause for concern that we, as residents and business owners cannot take lightly. The river is beautiful, the falls spectacular, and even those of us who have lived here for years still find the trip upriver to the falls an enjoyable way to spend a weekend.

Outdoor enthusiasts need not be concerned about restrictions on the Murray River and can continue to enjoy Tumbler Ridge?s wilderness. MLA Blair Lekstrom stated when asked if he knew of plans for the Murray, ?that is not an initiative that has come from government, so it is nothing more than a rumor.? Our MLA commented that he is northern born and deeply appreciative of the natural resources that we have at our doorstep, and would not countenance any action to curtail access to them.

Tumbler Ridge Mayor Mike Caisley is not aware of any plans to ban jet boats on the Murray, and in a telephone interview he said, ?I can assure you that we are not aware of this issue on a Council level. Prior to Council even considering such an action, it would be fully discussed and all the concerns brought forward so that we could deal with that question in a professional and thorough manner. The Murray River is a tremendous community and tourist attraction and Council will want to review any restrictions placed upon it access prior to considering any restrictions.?

Indeed our Mayor and Council will have to exercise the wisdom of Solomon as they struggle to balance economic success with the responsibility of preserving the very things that attracted so many of us here in the first place. There is room to co-exist happily with our furry and feathered friends. If man is on the top of the food chain then he must take care to share the planet with other creatures, and that responsibility is the price that humanity pays for a superior intellect.

We, as a community, welcome our tourists and the opportunity we have to share the natural wonders that we live in. The bear in our backyards, the deer family enjoying a early season salad bar of tulips, the trail of droppings in the lawn that lets the homeowner know that, although they were not seen, mom, dad and the kids have dropped by for an easy snack.

Kinuseo Falls, and that rare glimpse of a grizzly strolling along side the road, are all part of this area?s appeal. How lucky we are to live in such close proximity to the natural world.

The Editor, Tumbler Ridge News