By one o?clock July 1, 2008 the ShopEasy parking lot was full. Not only with cars and RV?s however; there were children, parents, adults, hampsters, birds, dogs and horses of all sizes and even a donkey. It was the July 1st Children?s Parade and Pet Parade for all ages of people and pets. There were a lot of well dressed animals there.

The Children?s parade followed last year?s format, with three prizes for the best dressed up entries. The prize money was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. One Stop Video and TR News sponsored the ice cream coupon for every parade participant!

1st place was: Debbie Frank & Dog Nickie, Keri White and daughter Savannah, Shelby Nickerson, and her Mom Jamie

2nd place was: Karissa Bowerman

3rd place was: Erin Sawicki

Following the parade there were a lot of activities behind the rec centre in the lower parking lot and grassed area. Games such as bean bag toss, fish pond, and connect 4, had different prizes including ice cream passes, swim passes and Canada pins.

There was an oatmeal money pit: a tank filled with water and a lot of oatmeal, you had to jump in and dive for the money; and also a hay stack with money hiding in the hay.

These games were well attended by all ages of people. There was a tattoo parlor and a face painting booth. Some great faces came out of the booth, good job ladies.

Joy McKay also had a ?How many hot dogs can you fit in your mouth?? Contest. Nathaniel Herron won that with a mouth full of eleven weiners!!!

O?Canada was sung by Nicole Pilgrim, Katrina Hansen and Kalin Sitter, followed by a beautiful Canada Day cake or cupcakes. The variety show and karaoke followed O?Canada.

P.A.L.S. had hot buttered popcorn, there was candy floss and the Lions had their delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. Great line ups for all the wonderful food. Some people set up tables to sell their hand made products at the Market Square.

It was a wonderful day for all, it was very hot, a big crowd; a wonderful way to say Happy Birthday Canada.