July 1 – 7 is Paramedic Appreciation Week

Can you tell me what?s wrong?? It?s a question BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) paramedics and dispatchers ask a hundred times a day.

If you have ever called an ambulance you will have experienced professionalism and dedication of the BCAS dispatchers and paramedics. Not only do they coordinate hundreds of ambulances, administer treatments to give you the best chance of recovery, but they also provide comfort, reassurance and support in times of need.

Each year BCAS paramedics selflessly serve hundreds of thousands of individuals who they may never know or meet again, but whose lives are forever made better through their work.

July 1 – 7 is Paramedic Appreciation Week; an opportunity for British Columbians to publicly recognize the contributions BCAS paramedics make in communities throughout the province.

This year, as part of Paramedic Appreciation Week, the BCAS is asking the public to share their stories of how paramedics have made a difference and thank paramedics for the important role they play in their communities.

Let the paramedics in your community know how you have been impacted by their work. Send your letters to:

Sarah Taylor, 2261 Keating Cross Road, Block C, PO Box 9600 Stn Prov Govt, Saanichton BC, V8W 9P1