As part of the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society (WNMS) Adopt a Trail program, the Junior Canadian Rangers is helping maintain and improve the Bullmoose Marshes trails. ?Adopt a Trail? was developed to decrease the burden on WNMS volunteers of having to maintain its thirty hiking trails. The Junior Canadian Rangers? offer was very gratefully accepted, and after an initial meeting between the Rangers and WNMS a plan of action was developed, followed by the first workbee.

WNMS President Fred Booker took sixteen of these keen young volunteers and their leaders out to the trails, and by the end of a hard day?s work a huge amount had been accomplished. Existing boardwalks were repaired, the trails were brushed and cleared of deadfall, and a new section of boardwalk was installed over a wet section. The kids had fun, worked hard, and are leaving behind a great product for the enjoyment of others. They will follow up with two further workbees over the summer and fall.

The Bullmoose Marshes is the only WNMS trail destination that leads through wetlands, with abundant birdwatching and nature interpretation opportunities. Future plans call for some of these trails to be upgraded so that they are wheelchair accessible. This has the potential to become a long term positive partnership between WNMS and the Junior Canadian Rangers.