Junior Idol Draws Huge Crowd

Trent Ernst, Editor

Rooms four and five were positively packed to the gills for this year’s Junior Idol show, which saw just over a dozen kids vying for fame, fortune and a $25 iTunes Gift card. Oh who am I kidding? They just wanted to get up on stage and sing in front of people.

The Junior Idol competition is fast becoming Tumbler Ridge’s second largest cultural event on the calendar, after only Grizfest’s crowd of thousands. While there wasn’t an actual headcount, organizer Joy McKay says they printed up 200 ballot packages, and ran out while people were still coming in.

Of course, the whole point of an idol contest is to crown a winner, and not one but four winners were crowned, one in each age category.

Eight-year-old Halle Zavaglia won the six to eight age category. Morgan Oijen, at 9, took the nine to ten age category.

Junior Councillor Sydney Doonan-Stromquist, 13, is now also a Junior Idol, winning the 11–14 age category, and finally, 16-year-old Danielle Colbourne took the 15–17 age category.

The annual contest is sponsored by the District of Tumbler Ridge and TR Community Arts Council. Joy McKay and Erin Hanna coordinate the contest, which is part of BC Arts and Culture Week. The contest is now in its seventh year.