Junior Rangers head to Ottawa

On April 9th, Jacquelen Smith (14) and Tracy Davis (13) from the Tumbler Ridge Junior Ranger program will be in Ottawa to participate in a parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Canadian soldiers who fought there in World War I.

Glen Miller, Junior Rangers Patrol Leader, said that there were no specific criteria taken into account when the two teens were chosen to attend the parade. Miller said that he likes to make sure that all the cadets in the program have a chance to be involved in events.

Smith and Davis will leave on the 7th of April, meeting with other Junior Rangers from the Peace Region in Fort St. John. From there, they will fly to Ottawa via Vancouver, returning on April 10th.

The Rangers attending the parade from the Peace Region come from Hudson Hope, Pouce Coupe, Grande Isle, and Tumbler Ridge. Patrol Leaders will accompany the Junior Rangers to Ottawa.

Miller said that the Junior Rangers participate in many events throughout the year. Camps and basic training exercises are held at Gwillim or Moberly Lake. The Junior Rangers are taught basic safety exercises during outdoor activities like canoeing and biathlon. They are also taught how to use radio communication.

The group are looking for a location in Tumbler Ridge where they can meet as well as store their equipment. The District has submitted a letter to School District #59 to see if they will allow the Ranger program to be held in Claude Galebois Elementary School. At press time, Miller said that the District of Tumbler Ridge hadn?t heard back from the School District yet.

The Junior Ranger program runs year round and is free of charge.