Junior Rangers install signs at Bullmoose Marshes

Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society


The weekend of June 5-7 was spent in productive fashion by a group of ten Junior Rangers from Tumbler Ridge. In previous years the Junior Rangers have taken on the task of cleaning, clearing and brushing the board-walked trails at the Bullmoose Marshes wetland site, 25 kilometres from town beside Hwy 29. This year they went a step farther, helping install seven large (30” x 36”) interpretive signs beside the trail, getting their hands dirty with the use of posthole augers.

The signs are the result of a partnership between the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society and Ducks Unlimited Canada. Funding for these wonderful signs was shared between The Lions Club of Tumbler Ridge and Ducks Unlimited. The result is an added dimension of attraction for this popular site. Signage like this also enhances the status of the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark, for which the Bullmoose Marshes are an important site. Ducks Unlimited have previously assisted with installation of a floating island, on which Canada Geese have nested, and with nest boxes for cavity-nesting duck species. District of Tumbler Ridge has supported this project by providing and delivering wood-chips for the non-board-walked sections. The boardwalks were installed in 2012 with the help of Ducks Unlimited summer students, using the $60,000 of funding that accrued to Tumbler Ridge when the community was the provincial outright winner in the BC Walking Challenge.

All groups that have contributed have their logos prominently visible at the bottom of each sign. This row of logos provides a strong statement about a community that has come together in various ways to create an outstanding wetland attraction,  which is proving popular with tourists. Having the younger generation involved is so important, and the supportive role of the Junior Rangers over the years has been fantastic and hugely appreciated.