Just when you thought you knew all the TR trails …

Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society


Over the past fifteen years the Wolverine Nordic & Mountain Society (WNMS) has developed a trail network of almost 100 kilometres in the Tumbler Ridge area. Because we live in the foothills of the mountains, many of these involve a fair amount of elevation change, and typically are a few kilometres long. Some of these are therefore not suitable hiking options for all residents and visitors.

One obvious exception is the trail at Bullmoose Marshes off Hwy 29, which has extensive boardwalks, rest benches, viewing platforms, and interpretive signage, and is under a kilometre in length. Long Lake, near the Alberta border, is another – just 350 metres long and ending at a picnic table and fire pit. And now one further intriguing trail can be added to this list of short, easy, mostly level trails.

The Forest Recreation Site at Flatbed East is located just below the switchbacks, 33 kilometres of Tumbler Ridge on Highway 52 East (Heritage Highway, aka the Boundary Road). Permission was obtained by WNMS from Rec Sites and Trails BC to enhance this site through a couple of trails. About ten years ago the first short trail was built, just 150 long, to a bench overlooking the headwaters of Flatbed Creek. Boardwalk bridges were donated and installed by WNMS volunteers. This enabled a canoe to be portaged along the trail and launched onto the quiet waters, which extend up the valley for a few kilometres thanks to beaver activity.

In 2014–15 the second trail was developed within the boundaries of the Forest Recreation Site by WNMS volunteers. In this case it leads for about 500 metres to the edge of a bluff overlooking the wetland and creek. Already installed at the end of the trail is a Booker Bench. The view from this bench is likely one that has been appreciated by humans for thousands of years.

Fall is the ideal time to enjoy this tranquil, easy-to-reach spot. Just follow the trail signs and turn left at the fork in the trail immediately after the first bridge.

Kruger’s Flats (shared by hikers, mountains bikers and ATVs), Stony Lake, Thunder Mountain (4×4 road access) and Mt Clifford are existing attractions for visitors who use the Boundary Road to approach Tumbler Ridge. These trails to the headwaters of Flatbed Creek now provide an added enjoyable destination on that route.