Katie Gurnesy on the CCSG Amundeen

Katie Gurnsey was one of three presenters at the season?s final Itchy Feet, Wednesday, April 7.

She talked about her time aboard the CCSG Amundsen as part of a pilot school project to get kids who are interested in Science some hands on experience. She was one of nine students from across Canada, and one of three from the Peace, to go on the trip.

The Amundsen is a scientific research vessel located in the Canadian arctic. Scientists from all disciplines from around the word come aboard the ship to perform scientific experiments, many of which look at the effects of global warming.

?Each day we would learn about a different type of science,? says Katie. ?A scientist would tell us what they did, and then we would go to their labs, look through their microscopes, filter their sea water, or go outside and look at their crazy instruments.?

The students got to do activities where they would build instruments to measure temperature, or to raise a colony of bacteria in a petri dish. ?Mine came from my own spit,? says Katie.

They had to leave the bacteria behind–?they were like our children,? she laments–but Katie came back with lots of photographs and even more memories of her time in the arctic. ? My favourite moment was when I got to honk the ship?s horn.?