KC?s Dollar Store & Furniture expansion

On May 1st, KC?s Dollar Store & Furniture (which will be operating under the same name) expanded their store location into the area that Impressions once occupied.

Kees and Christine Vandeburgt, store owners, found out about a month and a half ago that the Impressions store was closing. Kees said that there was a growing need for space for the furniture to be displayed and the extra space next door to their store was perfect. At the time, any extra furniture was being stored elsewhere.

The Vandeburgt?s moved to Tumbler Ridge about two and a half years ago after selling their farm in High Prairie, Alberta. The decision to change vocations from farming to retail was that the family wanted to try something different. They wanted a new challenge. So they had other people begin operating the dollar store for them prior to their arrival in Tumbler Ridge. The dollar store has been operating for four years, and the furniture store for three.

Customers will see an immediate difference as soon as they enter the dollar store and peer to their right.

There are now three sections to the location. Most of the items from the Dollar store are still in first section which is next door to Vinnies Video and Food Court. This section has the only entryway that is open to the public.

A new summer line of items have expanded into section two of the location which used to have furniture items only. The middle section is a mixture of half dollar store items and furniture.

The third section, formerly Impressions, is the main area which holds furniture only. There is a huge doorway which has been cut out of the wall that leads to the newest part of the store. It is warm and very inviting with furniture arranged in various comfortable settings. Here one can find a variety of modern and contemporary items. There are lamps, ends tables, sofas, loveseats, arm chairs, pictures, mattresses and more.

Prices range from $399 for a sofa to $3000 for a set. Kees Vandeburgt said that he and his wife aim to keep the prices competitive. The furniture in the store is shipped from Factory Direct Furniture out of Prince George.

A new item of interest that will be arriving soon at the store will be metal art wall hangings. There will also be the addition of more modern furniture pieces as well. Vandeburgt said that the best sellers in the store are the pictures that are brought in from a supplier out of Toronto.

The folks at KC?s Dollar Store & Furniture also offer free delivery and set up of any furniture items. Usually, there is a fee for these types of services from other furniture locations throughout the province.

The expansion has increased the area for dollar store items by half and the area for the furniture has more than doubled. What a wonderful addition to the business community. Best of luck to the Vandeburgts!