KELLY McMANUS ? Candidate for Councillor 2008 – Tumbler Ridge, BC

Hi, my name is Kelly McManus. I am a family-man and have been a long-term resident of Tumbler Ridge, B.C. since 1984. My family and I have lived here through both the peak times and the low periods that have been associated with our town?s short, but dynamic, history. We chose to remain in Tumbler Ridge because of its beauty, quality of life, exceptional recreational opportunities, and because of its ?ACTIONS?-oriented residents and community leaders.

We have a lot to be thankful for and I believe we all enjoy a better Tumbler Ridge today as a result of the extraordinary ?ACTIONS? demonstrated by our community volunteers and municipal leaders in the past. I want to continue their goal-oriented traditions and work hard to make meaningful and positive contributions to our town?s future.

It is easy to see the exciting developments in Tumbler Ridge! With more young families and seniors making Tumbler Ridge their home, our town?s population has become increasingly diverse. This representation from all age groups and backgrounds makes our community stronger now than ever before. Tumbler Ridge has finally become a fully rounded community and we need to maintain this important characteristic! Our residents are our strength and our future.

We benefit as a whole by this diversity and the varied experiences, thoughts and opinions such diversity brings with it. The complex challenges we face together as a community can be embraced as opportunities if, as I believe, we undertake certain ?ACTIONS? to bring Tumbler Ridge effectively into its next phase of economic and community growth by making it a fully, self-sustaining community.

It is time to pull together as a community and it is time for our town?s council to take ?ACTIONS? to work more effectively as a ?TEAM? in order to make that happen! Let?s all remember, there is no ?I? in the word ?Team?.

Below I have listed the ?ACTIONS? concepts that I believe are vitally important to ensuring the overall health of our community and its residents and the sustainability of our town as we proceed into the future.