BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 24, 2005 — As The War Amps mails out its 2005 key tags to B.C. residents this week, it is reflecting on two important milestones – the naming of 2005 as the Year of the Veteran and the 30th anniversary of the Association’s Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program.

“The two are tied together in a special way, as it was war amputees who started CHAMP to pass on their expertise and assistance to these youngsters,” said War Amps Chief Executive Officer Cliff Chadderton, sharing a story to explain.

“A delegation representing Canadian veterans held a ceremony at the Yokohama British Commonwealth War Cemetery, near Tokyo, in December of 2000,” he said, noting that a hush fell as a young Calgary student, who had attended university with support from CHAMP, laid a wreath to honour his countrymen.

“Steve joined CHAMP after having two amputations following a childhood electrocution accident. He learned Japanese, is working on his PhD, and has become a solid spokesman for Canadian youth in Japan. He exemplifies the slogan we’ve chosen for our key tag mailing, OUR KIDS SUCCEED,” Chadderton said.

He added that this success is made possible by the public’s support of The War Amps Key Tag Service. The key tag safeguards any keys — not just car keys. Each tag has a confidentially coded number. Should the keys be lost, the finder need only call the toll-free number on the back of the tag and the keys will be returned by bonded courier. The Service returned 22,000 sets of keys last year and is even more essential with people now carrying expensive car starter and locking devices on their key rings.

The War Amps receives no government grants. Its programs are possible solely through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service. For more information, use E-ZEE ACCESS: call toll-free 1 800 250-3030, fax toll-free 1 800 219-8988 or visit