KGB Game played by local teens

Tumbler Ridge streets were busy Saturday night. No, there wasn?t a traffic jam, but there were over 50 youth playing a Tumbler Ridge wide game of KGB. KGB is a modified game of ?Run Out? or ?Hide and Seek? with ?KGB agents? chasing down youth as they attempted to make it from Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary School to Claude Galibois Elementary School. This game pitted some of the teen?s best instincts, planning skills, physical fitness, strategy and love of fun together in an evening of positive entertainment.

The game was co-sponsored by House on the Rock?s Saturday night Youth Group and Tumbler Ridge Youth Services Society (TRYSS/Teen Centre). The two organizations are working together to enable positive youth activities, leadership skills and development in Tumbler Ridge.

Event coordinator Ben Kostamo said, ?It is nice to see members of different organizations in the community working together to have fun with the youth in TR.?

House on the Rock Community Church has a special focus for youth and children, and has also begun running a weekly youth group. A major focus of House on the Rock?s youth work is faith based. One of their desires is to promote healthy community lifestyles for our teens. House on the Rock has been happy to work together with TRYSS to put on events such as this.

Tumbler Ridge Youth Services Society operates the teen centre on Thursday and Friday evenings and also works to host youth related special events. The TRYSS is not a religious organization; it works to enhance the social aspects of youth in TR. Another main focus of TRYSS has been the introduction of ?Forty Developmental Assets? program to the community. These value-based assets encourage the youth to make the most of the skills, abilities and support that life has offered them.

These assets have been taught in the Grade 7 class and incorporated in the drama class at Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary. They have also been developed in a core group of teens that volunteer at the Teen Centre.

?In the last year the Tumbler Ridge youth society has revamped it?s focus and has seen positive results in the work they have been doing with the youth,? says Kostamo. ?On average the society works with 50 ?80 youth per week.

The Teen Centre is also excited to be opening up a CAP site. This CAP site will offer free, supervised, broad band Internet access to Tumbler Ridge teens.

Watch for more exciting games this summer including activities such as: community water fights, scavenger hunts, and perhaps another round or two of KGB.