?Kid?s? Itchy Feet

Approximately 15 adults and 22 students from Tumbler Ridge Elementary (TRE) attended the Kid?s Itchy Feet on February 13th at the Tumbler Ridge Public Library. This was the final session for the season. Bruce Greengrass, who is the grade five and six teacher at TRE had 14 of his students give a power point presentation on their research about traveling in foreign countries.

The presentation began with France followed by Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, and Spain. The students provided pictures of the countryside, people, currency, flags in their power point presentations of each country. They also provided information about the types of currency, languages, types of transportation, clothing, and festivals that each country has. Some students even provided information about famous places, traditions, national holidays, food, and geography. Bruce Greengrass mentioned that the criteria he assigned for each group of students was to provide enough information to the public so that one could feel safe traveling to the designated country. Overall, the presentations were well demonstrated and provided everyone present with an understanding of the kinds of things that can be expected when traveling abroad.

The Kid?s Itchy Feet wrapped up with a wonderful power point presentation by Carina Helm. Helm provided pictures of her most recent trip to South Africa. Some of the highlights of Africa that were shown were of Kruger National Park, The Amphitheatre which is much like the Grand Canyon, Hoeko Canyon which was lush with waterfalls, Johannesburg, and finally Tsitsikamma National Park. There were various photos of zebras, elephants, giraffes, turtles, parrots, and monkeys. There were also touching pictures of Helm with her family and friends enjoying a dip in the waterfalls at Hoeko Canyon. There was also music which gave the audience a more personal aspect to the demonstration.

Bruce Greengrass commented that his students will be aiming towards developing more sophisticated power point assignments in their third term.