Kinuseo Falls Campgrounds

We wish everyone a happy holiday and a happy New Year.

I would like to thank all the persons who worked / volunteered and visited Kinuseo Falls Campsite and Monkman Park this summer.

The weather this year was hot and sunny allowing us to make excellent progress on the park trails. Safety in the Stone Corral was improved by installing railing at the viewing area. The addition of a pit toilet at the trail head by the Green Bowl/Beaver pond and picnic area was well used and appreciated, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and support from BC Parks.

We have worked on the Monkman Trail. cleaning and trimming up to the lake. The Memorial Trail is taking shape nicely and brings one up the alpine along Paxton Peak past alpine lakes. For the adventuresome the trip offers sliding down the mountain section on the snow/ice? or one can simply admire the pristine area. Monkman Glacier is located across the valley, and following cairns in the alpine will bring the hiker to the tree line and campsite. The journey continues through nice meadows, crossing Ice Creek, and then going along the Fontiniko Creek and to Camp 25 where the trail crew has set up another campsite area. The trek continues in the Fontinko Valley, following what we believe to be the original trail with blazing on trees by early trappers. The trail, which has not yet been completed, ends at Hobi?s cabin, and offers excellent views on-route. The official opening of the cabin will be announced. The outdoor enthusiast traveling on the trail will enjoy an incredible experience during this hike. This trail will be approximately 65 to 70 km ending at Hobi?s cabin so planning and preparedness (sat phone) is necessary. Hikers traveling this trail will always cherish their moments on it.

I would like to thank the rest of the Monkman Trail crew: Jason Unser, Chris Martin, Warren Butler and Collin Elder, Kreg Alde, and Dr Charles Helm. Thanks also to the following: British Columbia Conservation Corps, B.C. Provincial Park (Robert Bressette and staff), Wolverine Nordic Mountain Society, Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Tumbler Ridge and Beaverlodge area volunteers and all others who supported this project. The Monkman trail crew wishes to acknowledge VERITAS for their tremendous support. They greatly contributed to our success this summer.

Dan Cassan

Jason Unser

Kinuseo Falls Campsite