A film crew from the Knowledge Network was in town this week to film an episode of ?The Leading Edge?, focusing on the dinosaur finds in Tumbler Ridge. ?The Leading Edge? is a show that takes viewers behind the scenes of research and innovations that are underway in British Columbia Universities. The crew interviewed Dr. Helm, Daniel Helm and spent lots of time with Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley at the actual trackways.

?The problem with this story,? said field reporter Bruce Mohun ?is that there was no direct link between this research and a university in British Columbia.? But, where there is a will there is a way and eventually a way was found through Northern Lights Colledge. The Leading Edge really wanted to cover this story because this is the first research of this type in British Columbia.

The film crew, which consisted of Mohun, John Dowell (camera) and Stewart Lake (sound), filmed at all of the principal research sites. They were in town for three days and even had the opportunity to do a lantern shoot one night. ?The camera used is very sensitive to light and so it there was no problem filming at night?. Mohun said, ?We even crossed a river today, so we got some good sound effects of boots sloshing?.

The Leading Edge is composed of half-hour episodes that combine the field research with studio interviews. Each half-hour show focuses on developments in a specific discipline. According to the Knowledge Network, the Leading Edge provides ? an in-depth look at the findings by some of our province?s finest scientists, and profiles of these passionate individuals who are advancing global research and making a difference in the world.?

You can catch ?The Leading Edge? regularly on the Knowledge Network.