Kodiak Chronicles

A Grade Seven perspective of high school at first is pure horror. New students might might think that the older students will pick on them. Really, don?t bother them and they won?t bother you.

Classes are actually not as hard they seem. In fact, once you know your schedule, your way around and your teachers, you can get through the year easily.

At first, I thought it would be extremely hard, but as soon as I knew what was going on, it was really easy.

Most perspectives of high school are DEAD WRONG.

Grade Seven students don?t have to worry about fitting in; they just have to be themselves. It?s important to be yourself because if you?re trying to be something you?re not, you?re expected to be like that all the time.

?I didn?t think it would be scary at all. The classes were a little hard to at first and the teachers were nice,? said grade seven student Jessica Philpot. Jessica?s friend Jamie Bye agrees with her comments about the high school.

At first everyone?s thoughts are basically the same, ?What if I?m late, what if I don?t fit in, what if the work is too hard, what if my locker won?t open?? You don?t have to worry about these things because it?s not going to be a problem.

I asked Mrs. Broderick if she thought the Grade Seven students were nervous on the first day of school, she had this to say, ? I think that most grade sevens are a bit nervous when they come to TRSS, but I also think that many of them are excited.?

Basically, most of our perspectives are the same, for some people, it?s fear and for others it?s excitement. For me it was both.

Confidence is the key to a great year, if you have that you?ll have a lot of fun.