October 5?26: The TRSS Leadership Council has been working hard to create and improve school spirit at TRSS. We have been selling the yearbooks from last year, taking pictures at school events for the upcoming yearbook, and submitting articles to the Tumbler Ridge News to let the general public know what is happening at TRSS. Also, we have started work on a few new projects such as Pennies for Leukemia which will take place in February, Operation Christmas Child Program, Purdies Chocolates, TRSS School Recycling, and school tracksuit sales. Mark your calendars for November 18th if you?re interested in watching a pre-release movie with us. We will be enjoying Tom Cruise?s recent movie. Everyone is welcome to come down and take in the show with us. There will be an admission of $5.00 charged.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during last break, Leadership is selling school tracksuits, 2004-2005 yearbooks, and Purdies Chocolates. There are two different styles of tracksuit: a polyester suit, and a shell. Jackets cost $50.00, and pants cost $45.00. Also, you can have the Kodiak logo embroidered on your jacket for an additional fee of $3.00.

A new idea that Leadership had this year was to introduce a new game where we post a teacher?s baby picture and students have to guess who it is. This new program is going to start on Monday, November 7. The person who guesses the teacher correctly wins a free lunch from ?Hole in the Wall?.

On Thursday, November 3, an internationally renowned motivational speaker named Mike Bonnicci, or Dynamike gave a presentation to the students at TRSS. His message of fostering positive attitudes and behaviour was given and students had the chance to appreciate his amazing unicycle stunts, along with awesome dagger juggling. This presentation was preceded by a workshop he held with the Leadership Council , where he helped students identify and come up with ideas to foster school spirit.

On October 31, 2005 the school met in the gymnasium during the last twenty minutes of school. Leadership had planned a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest and a screaming contest. The four winners of the costume contest won a four dollar gift certificate from ?Hole in the Wall? concession. The winner of the pumpkin carving contest and the screaming contest won a bag of chips.

So far, Leaderships projects have turned out to be worth the time, and the school culture is very positive.