Mr. Mark Deeley, 34, moved to Tumbler Ridge in August of this year with his wife. He was born in Kingston, Ontario and moved around alot. What brought him west, who knows. After High School, Mark Deeley went to University and got a first degree Bachelor of Science to become an researcher in animal behavoir and phsycology. He then went to the University of Victoria to aquire his Masters Degree. He worked five years as a professional biologist then went back to school for his Bachelor of Education.

So why the change in careers? In university, Mr. Deeley taught for some extra money. Looking back, he recalled that out of all the jobs he had he enjoyed teaching the most. He also to change the world and make it a better place, you need to start with the kids.

Mr. Deeley and his wife anre expecting their first child in December. He enjoys squash, scuba diving, chess, reading, hiking, and comparitive anatomy. In school he teaches Grade 11 and 12 Chemistry and Grade 11 Biology. Though a tough cookie, he really is a great teacher and plans to stay in Tumbler Ridge for quite a while.