We are also gathering ideas and photos for this year?s yearbook. A career fair in the New Year is also an idea. Leadership would like to move forward with. It would be helpful for the kids in high school for who are having trouble deciding what to do after graduating. We also had a movie night on Friday, Nov. 18th. I hope you all went as the movie was said to be very enjoyable. Thank you to all of the people who did go as that money will be very helpful. We are also recycling the school bottles to raise extra money.

We will be having a fun little contest where the staff bring a baby picture and the students have to guess which member of staff is in the picture and if they guess correctly and win the draw, they will get a small prize. We are still selling Purdy?s milk chocolates and if you would like to buy them contact a leadership student or Mrs. Helm.

Our school is in the need of coaches for our extracurricular activities. If you would like to volunteer for this it would be greatly appreciated. The senior boys and girls basketball teams are in need of a coach for the upcoming season.

That?s all for our leadership activities. Hope you enjoy the chocolates and future movies!