The TRSS Leadership Council has just had a very exciting two weeks, where it has discussed many new ideas to work on in the New Year, and started a number of new programs, and pulled off a major school function.

Firstly, the Positive Person Program, which is a program run by Leadership that recognizes the positive attitudes and contributions in our school, is working out well. Each week students and staff have an opportunity to recognize hardworking individuals within the school. So far Mrs. Johnson, Mitch Langmuir, and Tiffany Oliver have won a lunch from ?Hole in the Wall?.

Another small program that Leadership is running is the Suggestion Box. The suggestion box allows students and staff to help give us ideas on how to better school culture. Lately people have suggested that we hold a talent show, music be played through lunch break, and that there should be a student lounge, and more muffin mornings, ?Because they really rock!? Leadership is taking action on these ideas, and you can expect to see results in the New Year.

Partly thanks to one of the suggestions, Leadership is going to be having a muffin morning on Thursday December 15. Anybody involved with the school is welcome to attend this event. If you can bring some muffins to be shared, please do, and if you can?t bring anything, you are still welcome to visit with students and staff. There will be coffee served as well.

In addition to all of the above, Leadership also found the time to organize a semi-formal Christmas dance on Saturday December 3. Jordon Savard was kind enough to DJ for us; he did a great job! We had an awesome turnout of 72 kids. We would like to send a huge thanks to Mr. Bray and Mr. Kostomo for helping us set up a sound system at the last minute. Also a special thanks to Mr. Broderick, Mrs. Crispin, Mr. Sheardown, and all of the other volunteers.