You know the great thing about sports in Tumbler Ridge? If you missed it, you get to read about it here. So first up, the girls volleyball has come to an end. They played their last game against the Mountain Christian School from Dawson Creek, in which they tied. Both teams won two games.

Now is the season to be jolly and also to start basketball. What a fun game with dribbling, shooting and as we all know, a little hidden contact. The junior girls team is coached by Mr. Smith and Mrs. Fennel. The senior girls team is also starting up and it is being coached by Mr. Sheardown. Mr. Broderick is looking to start up a boys basketball team so watch for that.

Another sport that is going on, and involves some contact, is hockey. It?s a most enjoyable game in which two teams chase a little black puck around the ice, while hitting each others at the same time. The girls hockey team played a trying game against the atoms but lost 6-1. On the other end of things the Midgets seem to be on a roll. Not only are they playing admirably but they are winning. Of course the scorers can?t take all the credit as they still would be nothing without their stupendous goalie and defence men.