Christmas Break is nearing, but the Leadership Council at TRSS is not slowing down efforts to promote school culture and spirit. In this final week of school there are a variety of different activities and contests for students to take part in, ranging from arm wrestling on break, to decorating lockers at lunch.

The Positive Person of the week is Larisa McNeil, who won because she spent close to two hours after school on Monday calling parents to let them know about Muffin Morning. Way to got Larisa!

Probably the best attended event was the muffin morning on Thursday December 15. Leadership called the parents of almost every student at TRSS on Monday after school to try and get a better attendance. This new strategy certainly helped, as we had many new parents and students come, and the old timers still came. Leadership sends a special thanks to all of the parents and students who brought muffins to share.

On December 15, there was a locker decorating contest and a pajama day, as well as the muffin morning. The pajama day turned out well, as many people wore a pair of pajama pants, and some of the braver students went the extra mile and wore a housecoat and slippers. The locker decorating contest wasn?t a total failure either, with more than one locker being decorated. Brice Kirby was the winner of this contest. Her locker was decorated with streamers, snow flakes, and Christmas posters.

There was another initiative at TRSS, which was organized by the Gr.7 French class – operation ?Kodiak CafĂ©.? The French room was arranged to look like a restaurant, and during the lunch break, the Gr. 7?s served people homemade lunch as if it were a real restaurant in France. When the Gr.7?s spoke to the people they were waiting on, they spoke first in French and then in English, as this was all a part of their final mark. The customers had to pay real money for the food, and all of the proceeds went to the local food bank.

The arm wrestling contest that Leadership organized turned out to be a hit with the students. On morning and afternoon breaks the Leadership would run the contest. So far all of the girls and the grade seven to ten boys have finished arm-wrestling in the contest, but in the halls kids are arm wrestling on their own time for fun. The strongest girl arm-wrestler in the school is Cheyenne Martin (gr.9). In the Gr. 7-8 boys division, Kenny Cornell (gr. 8) won with lots of room to spare, in the Gr. 9-10 category Shawn Mountenay just so edged Kal Baxter out of a win.

The boys Gr. 11-12 contest however has not yet finished battling it out to see who will be the strongest guy in school.