Hello and welcome to this week?s Kodiak Chronicles. This week?s teacher interview is on Mr. Parr.

Mr. Parr came to teach at TRSS after Mrs. Wedgewood moved to Edmonton. Mr. Parr decided to become a teacher when he started volunteering at an elemantary school, he also liked helping kids and watching them grow through their school years. Mr. Parr also had another reason to become a teacher, he said had a very inspiring teacher named Mr. Wirwine when he was in school, and he wanted to be a teacher to inspire other kids like he did. But before Mr. Parr became a teacher at TRSS, he used to work in an electronic store. Mr. Parr lives in Dawson Creek and teaches in Tumbler Ridge. His hobbies are: hockey, soccer, and electronics. At TRSS Mr. Parr is teaching home economics, and Physical Education 10. So far Mr. Parr is doing a great job teaching, and hopefully he will stay teaching at TRSS!