Now that school is back, so am I. We get to start the new year off with the wonderful sport of basketball, so here we go.

Up on the court are not only the senior and junior girls teams but there is also a senior boys team. The girls junior team has been getting ready since before Christmas. The senior girls have also been practising since before Christmas, so far there are no games booked for either team, but watch for updates.

The senior boys team has just started practising this new year. So look for games coming up.

This past weekend seemed to be the one for hockey. The TR River Rats played an excellent game against the Smoky Blue Stars (Tumbler Ridge Atoms), although in the end they lost 5-3. Then the next day they played another game in Dawson Creek, in which Dawson won 15-3. They have one game coming up in February against Fort Nelson and another game planned for March.

The Midgets also played two games this weekend, both in Tumbler. The first was against Chetwynd. They lost 7-6. The second was against Fort St. John, they won that game, with the score of 5-3. One onlooker commented on how good a goalie Chris Fowlow was. They have another game this Saturday at 1pm, so come and support your local teams.