Kodiak Chronicles

By Daniel Helm

One of the latest sports being offered at TRSS is cross-country skiing which is coached by Mrs. Helm. Unfortunately however, the weather hasn?t been cooperating, and they have only been out a few times. The TRSS basketball teams have been busy practicing after school every day of the week. The junior girls? basketball team is still very strong, with the largest turnout in school sports this year. The first senior boys? basketball team in years is also doing very well, and they are looking to have a game with Chetwynd in the near future. The most exciting team to watch for now though, is the senior girls? team, under the guidance of the dedicated Mr. Sheardown, which has traveled all the way to Fort Nelson along with two Dawson Creek schools for a basketball tournament.

he basketball tournament will hopefully be run near the end of February, or at the beginning of March. The Dance is probably going to be held on the week of Valentine?s Day.

By Esther Walkley

Leadership is holding the Valentine?s Day dance on February 10th. Some of the activities at the dance are going to be a limbo contest and a spot dancing game. Leadership has decided to start selling school hoodies again this year. We are also planning on making another yearbook.

On Tuesday 24th the band group started. It is being led by Mrs. Crispin. The group of about five students will practice for a part of their lunch break on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The instruments that are being played are a clarinet, two saxophones, a trumpet and a bass.

Mr. Treit

By: Larisa McNeil and Amanda Blunden

Mr. Treit has taught a lot at T.R.S.S. Some of the subjects he?s taught are English 9, Geography 12, and Communications 11. He has been teaching for17 years. T.R.S.S. is the only school he has ever taught at. He went to university at SFU and UBC. While he was at university he decided to become a teacher. The thing he likes most about his job is the summer vacation. The thing he likes least is the other ten months of the year. Besides teaching, Mr. Treit is involved in the fire department and likes to spend lots of time with his kids.