Kodiak Chronicles

The Junior Girls Basketball team started in the beginning of January. It is being taught by Miss Fennell and Mr. Smith. I had the honor of talking to Miss Fennell and she gave me the scoop on this team. She says this is a very faithful team and they come out to all or almost all of their practices. They practice every Monday and Wednesday after school where they work to set up plays and strong defense. This team is made up of passionate girls from grade seven to nine. Miss Fennell also said that all the girls are very enthusiastic and a joy to see. The girls are looking forward to the tournament in Dawson Creek, at Central Middle School, on February 25. While there they will be playing Fairview, Fort St. John, and Dawson Creek. ?Although this is a small team I think they well be very competitive in the tournament because they work hard and give 100%,? explains Miss Fennell. She also told me that if they stick together throughout the years we will see amazing things to come. Miss Fennell is very satisfied with the girls? shooting and lay-ups but she thinks that they still need to work on their passing. The girls seem very confident. ?We?re awesome!? says Kara Hood. ?We rock!? agrees Michael Schribar.

The Senior Girls Basketball team is also working equally hard as they are practicing every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The girls are upset that one of there star players, Amber Lemon, won?t be able to finish the season with the girls as she pulled a ligament while playing in their last tournament in Fort Nelson. That isn?t slowing them down any; they are continuing to work as hard as they can because they have zones next week in Valemont. It doesn?t seem to matter if they win or lose in their games because they have a different title to keep: ?Which team has the most spirit?. From what I have seen it doesn?t seem that they will have any trouble keeping that title, because there is not one practice that you can be in without laughing at least once. Good luck in Valemont girls.

The Senior Boys Basketball team on the other hand have not been to practices as much lately because so many players on the team had to study for their provincials. When they could practice it was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that may soon change. Although they haven?t been able to practice lately that hasn?t slowed them down any: they are hoping to have a game against Dawson Creek soon and they are going to be playing the teachers in the near future.