Ah spring, that wonderful time of the year when snow is melting (or in our case, occasionally falling), grass growing, flowers blooming, and pungent smells. Nothing to do but sit back and wait for summer, right? Wrong! Something is going on at Tumbler Ridge Secondary School. The fearless Mr Sheardown is at it again.

After taking on the marvelous job of coaching the Senior Girls Basketball team last fall, our hero is ready to go again. This time… golf. That?s right, and by the looks of things it seems we have quite a team shaping up. Kids from all grades (I think) are coming out to Tuesday and Thursday practices.

This just in,? I?ve heard that some members are even out during their lunch to practice their swing. Wow! That?s dedication. So I guess you have to watch out, not only for flying balls, but for this great new team that will be coming our way. And another thing to watch for is Track and Field which will be starting soon. More news coming your way soon.

Encounters with Canada

Hello and welcome. My name is Natalie Cameron. Some of you know me and some of you probably don?t. But I not here to tell you my life story, just part of it. I was born on? no I?m just kidding. The week before spring break I had the chance of a lifetime. I got to go to our nation?s capital, Ottawa. This all happened because months before, our school got a form to sign up for a program called ?Encounters with Canada?.

This is a program in which kids from all over Canada get to go to Ottawa and learn about our wonderful country and whatever sub-theme you picked (more on that later). Our school had to come up with some requirements for who could go. The first was you must be between the ages of 15-17. This was one of the requirements that the program also said. The next requirement that our school chose was that you must have been in Leadership for at least one year in advance. This fit me perfectly so I filled out the form and sent it down to Valmont to find out if I would be accepted. I was overwhelmed when I found out I was.

My next task was to fill out a form all about me and what sub-theme I wanted to do. The sub-themes are different subjects that you are interested in and would like to learn about, such as Sports and Fitness, Arts and Culture, Law, Business & Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Journalism & Communications, Medicine & Health, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Science & Technology, and Social Sciences. After you fill that out you send it to Ottawa and they send you a plane, bus, or train ticket. On my first day there I went to the Parliament building and saw some monuments, one was ?The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?. The second day I went on a tour of Ottawa, and was fortunate to have relatives that I could visit with. Then on the third day the sub-theme events started.

There are many others things in between, but I won?t tell you any of these, for if you get the chance to go I don?t want to ruin the surprise. All I can say is it was a wonderful, moving experience, and it was well worth the wait.

Cheers! On a sadder note, I have just been informed that the federal government may stop funding this wonderful program as of May, 2006.