This year?s leadership conference, which was the ?sequel?, proved to outdo last year?s. There was more hands-on teaching method in the workshops, which, in my opinion, is a lot better than other methods. The use of games and magic tricks may have been aimed for a younger audience than myself, but hey, I?ll take magic tricks over lectures any day.

One thing that I learned from the conference was in the case of a plane crash, you are supposed to apply your oxygen mask first, before your child?s. Just kidding. Though I did learn that, I also learned something they didn?t teach to us. Instead I learnt from observation that there are many leaders amongst the youth, some are the quiet type and some not so quiet. So many kids at the conference showed their own ways in leading. Making someone smile everyday is a form of leadership. Forgiving someone for their mistakes is showing leadership.

You don?t have to be a politician to be a leader. In fact, some kids at the conference made better leaders than most politicians do. Chances are, if you were to look anywhere, whether it was in school, in the community, at church, in a mall, anywhere you look you are bound to find at least one true leader in the crowd. And to be a leader isn?t to push people around, but to be someone who others can up look to whether they are younger or older than you.