Well it?s been a while, but I?m back, and so are the sports.

Full of energy, adrenaline, competition, and just plain out fun. So if you?re not in on the action you might as will read about it.

First up on our scorer boards is the good old (well not really old – grades 10-12) Senior Girls Volleyball Team. This year?s team is made up of fourteen girls and is being coached by Ms O?Riley and Mr. Hogue. The girls practice every at 4:30. Their first game is in Chetwynd Saturday October 14 at 9am.

Their first tournament is also in Chetwynd on October 27 and 28. Everyone is welcome to watch their game and cheer them on. Good Luck Girls!

Coming up second on our list of sports is the younger generation, that?s right, the Junior Girls Volleyball Team. They practice every Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning (don?t trust me on that date).

Their coach is Ms Wright. The girls are practicing hard and we hope that you will cheer them on when they have their games.

And last but not least the marvelous Cross Country Running Team. Wow, have they been busy, so busy they have already left and come back. From what, you may ask – a meet of course.

The team headed down to the great city of Dawson Creek and finished among the best. In the end they came in second overall.

We can?t wait to hear what they?re going to do next but we wish them the best.

Well I guess that?s another week. Keep up your sportsmanship and keep reading. Till next time, I?m Natalie Cameron and this has been your school sports.