Tumbler Ridge Secondary School has many different sports happening this year.

The junior volleyball team has been busy practicing with coach Ms. Wright. These girls practice twice a week, with one of the practices being held at 07:00 a.m. Isn?t that dedication!

The senior volleyball team, which is being coached by Ms. O?Reilly and Mr. Hogg, is also improving skills through practices and getting ready for more games. All of this has taken hours out of the coaches? busy schedule, so they deserve a big thank you.

The cross country running team is coached by Linda Helm, Birgit Sharman and Dr. Charles Helm, and it is partly their excellent coaching that got the boys? team of Braden Watt, Michael Webb, George Saul, Donald Saul and Daniel Helm down to Provincials which well be held in Victoria. Crystal Fry also qualified for Provincials, which is incredible for a grade 8 student who is competing against grade 12 kids. The qualifying meet took place in Prince George where our runners had to compete against about a hundred people.

This is the first time Tumbler Ridge Secondary has ever got so many people down to Provincials. The junior and senior girls volleyball team has been doing great in their practices and tournaments. It has been an amazing season sport wise this year.