Kodiak Chronicles

Leadership has been keeping very busy over the last two weeks.

On October 31, Halloween, we organized a fear factor event and encouraged students to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Students got out of class at 2:20 on Tuesday to come to the gym to take part in Fear Factor and get their costumes judged. The student with the best costume was Cody Hannah and he won a hole in the wall lunch. Fear Factor was a team relay where students had to stop at different stations and do something sick or silly. There were 6 teams consisting of 4 people per team. Each person had to get a bucket with mysterious contents dumped on their head, put on some old clothes, and sniff a cup and guess what was in it. This turned out to be a big hit with the students, and the only problem was that not everybody who wanted to could take part.

The two days after Fear Factor were dedicated to Challenge Days. Challenge Days is a program with the aim of ending social cliques and bullying. Many of the students from the TRSS Leadership Council were chosen to be part. as Challenge Day Leaders and take on more responsibilities. The younger grades had their challenge day on Wednesday Nov. 1 and the senior grades had it on Thursday Nov. 2. It is now a week after the event and students are still talking about it. These two days are going to be remembered by the students for a very long time.

We have taken the first few steps toward making a year book. We have most people?s permission to use their pictures in the yearbook this year and we have been busy taking pictures of students at all school events. Our latest achievement has been to get the yearbook program downloaded to the school computers, and we should be able to start designing it shortly. This year we are hoping to offer hardcover, colour yearbooks in the hope that more kids will buy them.

At our last meeting we elected our secretary and our junior vice president. Holding the position of Secretary this year is Kathryn Rosseau. In the battle for the station of Junior Vice we ended up with a tie between Murphy Taylor and Kaitlyn McWhirter. We can?t wait to see how you all help lead the Leadership Council at the high school. The past week has been busy, but we like that and plan to keep it this way.