Kodiak Chronicles

Once again the Tumbler Ridge Secondary School has been thriving with all kinds of sports. Last weekend the Junior and Senior girls had a volleyball wind up together. The Juniors had a game against the Seniors and they won the first set but it was very close. In the second set the Senior girls won so there had to be a tie breaker which would go up to fifteen. During the last set there was a lot of tension and at one point it was tied seven to seven. The Senior girls prevailed though and they won the match. You could see the obvious talent on both teams.

What time is it? Basketball season! Basketball is a sport that has been booming in TRSS. The leadership team has started an Intramural Basketball league at school which has been split up into Juniors and Seniors. There has been one game so far and you could tell people were having a lot of fun. There are many basketball teams in the school too. The Senior boys have Mr. Fergerson as a coach and they already have a tournament coming up. The Junior girls have Mrs. Proulx for a coach and both teams have done very well at practices. The Junior boys basketball team is going to start up soon and I believe Mrs. O?Reily and Mr. Hogg will be coaching them. Unfortunately the Senior Girls don?t have a coach. If you enjoy basketball and want to coach I?m sure the Senior girls would jump at the chance of having a coach.

We also have an expert curling coach. You?ll never guess who it is either. It is TRSS?s very own Mrs. Treit. If you?re interested in joining let Mrs. Treit know. All in all TRSS has been doing very well sports wise.