Kodiak Chronicles

With no surprise TRSS did extraordinarily well sports-wise. The Junior Girls Team played very good basketball at the tournament they went to at CMS, Dawson Creek on March 1st.

The first game they played was against the Central Middle School A team. The CMS girls were beating the TRSS girls by about six points at the beginning of the game. The TRSS girls pulled up their socks though and went on to beat the CMS girls. The TRSS girls still had three games in a row to play but they were feeling pretty confident that they would do well in the next game.

The second team they played was the CMS B team. There were a few boys on the team but they looked fairly young. The CMS B team was actually really good but once again the TRSS girls won by just a few points.

The girls played the Ron Pettigrew Lions next. The game went by fairly quickly and TRSS won by about 20 points. The girls had won three games. In order to win they had to beat the next team they played.

The last team the girls had to play against was Spirit River. The TRSS girls were pretty tired from playing three games in a row and it didn?t help that they heard that Spirit River was an aggressive team. When TRSS played their first period they realized Spirit River was an extremely good and aggressive team. The score was tied during the periods more than once. Two of our team members had to sit off for a little bit due to injuries they had from the game. The referees looked fairly stunned by the aggressiveness. Nevertheless TRSS won the last game and therefore they won the tournament!

Other sports news is the mini-game the TRSS junior boys and girls had last week. It was a really fun game and both teams showed talent for their ages. The Senior Curling team also had a mini-game against Mr. Hogg, Mr. Treit, Mrs. Treit and Mr. Broderick. It was a great game but in the end the students won.

Also we would like to give a huge thanks to Mrs. Proulx, Mrs. Sharman, Ms. O?Reilly, Mr. Ferguson and Mrs. Treit for all the time they spend coaching at TRSS. We?d also like to thank the Parent Advisory Committee and the District of Tumbler Ridge for helping get us funds for the bus trip.