On April 24th, Dwayne Peace, from the Dare to Care program, met with the girls of Tumbler Ridge Secondary School. He talked about issues, such as peer pressure, self image, drugs, and alcohol, that face teen girls. In an attempt to keep the spirit of that day alive and encourage relationships, it was decided to hold a school-wide girls sleep-over. A lot of preparation wen into getting things organized for this event. Volunteers were needed to cook breakfast and chaperone, games were organized and food was bought. The sleep-over started at 8:00PM on May 30th. Approximately 50 girls attended. The night was started by an Ice-breaker game and followed by line dancing instructed by Rose College. After dancing, the girls played Play- Dough Pictionary, Mission Impossible, and finished off by watching the movie ?27 Dresses?. The sleep-over was a great success and was enjoyed by all.

On behalf of all the girls in attendance, I would like to thank Smokee Blue Resources, Mrs. Legault, Mrs. Kruse, Mrs. Cameron, Ms. White, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs. Harder, Rose College and most of all I would like to thank Mrs. Zatwarniski for organizing the entire event.