Kodiak Corner

The school is becoming a healthy place to learn. There is a new healthy eating policy in the school district. Chocolate bars and chips are being replaced with granola bars, fruit bars, and baked chips. Pop is being replaced with juice, milk and smoothies. Soup and sandwiches are being sold at the school; sandwiches have to be ordered the day before. Anyone using or possessing a tobacco product on school property, under the new Provincial law, is breaking the law and can be fined.

Leadership is dedicated to creating school and community spirit through activities. There have been two muffin mornings in the school. Muffin Mornings are when students, parents and teachers come to school early to eat muffins and listen to music played by the students. From November 19 to November 23 there is a spirit week at school. Monday was Pajama day, Tuesday was Hat day, Wednesday was Messy Hair day, Thursday was Sports day, and Friday was Royalty day. There is a box in the lobby at TRSS where leadership is collecting food for the food bank. Also in the lobby, there is suggestion box and a positive person box. The positive person box is for nominating people who have done something polite towards another person.

The golf team, coached by Mr. Ferguson, managed to get in a few practices before the snow fell.

The Senior and Junior girls? volleyball teams have had a great season. Mrs. Proulx is the coach for the junior girls, and Mrs. O?Reilly and Mr. Hogg are the coaches for the senior team. The senior girls competed in the zone competition this past weekend in Mackenzie. They had a good tournament and had a wonderful time.

The Cross Country running team had a great turn-out this year. There were enough High school students for both a girls and boys team to be sent to zones in Fort St. John on October 21. Members of the running team competed in the Wolves Series, racing in different towns in the Peace Region. The team was practicing three times a week. Everyone had a good season with individual highs and lows. Congratulations to Daniel Helm, George Saul, Natalie Sharman, Carina Helm and Kelsey Legault for qualifying for the 2007 Cross Country Running High School Provincials in Victoria November 4. For the girls, this was their first Cross Country Running Provincial race. For George, it was his second, and third for Daniel. Thank you to the coaches, Linda and Charles Helm and Birgit Sharman, for their time and effort.

Upcoming school sports are basketball