KreepyKarenEVIL Komes to Tumbler Ridge

Ahhhh the Halloween season is soon upon us! The night of children and adults costumed in everything from political parodies to the adorable and the occult. It is, to be sure, a mixed bag of tricks!

And so what wild and wonderful treat does Theatre On The Ridge have for Tumbler Ridge this year? Step right up, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages?welcome to a throwback to the days of vaudeville and sideshow. Enter the world of the Kreepy KarnEVIL.

This is the third annual Haunted House Experience brought to you by Theatre On The Ridge. Their past venues have included their first year run as a maze of several themes (mad scientist laboratory, haunted school hallway, dining room of the dead and graveyard) and last year, sponsored in part by the District of Tumbler Ridge, a more theatrical approach brought to you by the ghostly tour guides of the Titanic wreckage.

This year?s delights, taking place on Saturday, October 28th from 6-9 pm – will be hinging on a very common phobia called coulrophobia or the fear of clowns. Believe it friends, for it is extremely common. Carnivals and sideshow have always had a certain macabre enjoyment to them and this will not disappoint. Clowns and carnival have been widely used as fear themes in films for decades.

So come and see what the haunted house experience has in store for you! This event is not recommended for children under 10, but is not restricted, so make sure you know where your darlings are on this particular evening, Theatre On The Ridge takes no responsibility for what condition your mental state is in following the Kreepy KarnEVIL. It?s enough to make you go MAD.

Step right up! See the terrifying Pigman, the Humanzee and both human oddities and a display of the strange. When you?re done in the frightening carnival, you must pass through a graveyard to get yourself home. Beware the dark, for it holds you in fear from the start of your journey to the?END.