Ladies Shopping Night

Christine selling Isagenix at Ladies Shopping Night

Christine Vandeburgt was a vendor at the Ladies Shopping Night at The Coal Bin. She was selling Isagenix. Photo Credit: Christine Vandeburgt

Shirleen Dehaan

There wasn’t much going on in Tumbler Ridge on Tuesday night, besides a sewing group and few odd vehicles at the grocery store, unless you were at the Coal Bins’ Ladies Shopping Night Event.

The back parking lot was packed, which is a very rare thing these days. Their drink special was a Raspberry Lemonade. The absence of men in the bar was definitely a big change, and all the tables had little bowls of snacks on them.

Ivy Parady is a new resident of Tumbler Ridge since January. She sells Steeped Tea and Signature Homestyle products. When asked if she would attend a similar even in the future, she said “yeah these are fun”.  She mostly does shows in people’s homes, and this was her second market event.

Manager of the The Coal Bin Michelle Price said “This is a hit. I mean, there are lots of people here.”

“There was very good feedback” Price says. “It would make sense to do one at the changing of the seasons, when merchants and crafts people have new merchandise. We will more than likely do two or three a year”. The event closed around midnight..

Businesses that set up tables at the event were, Meagan Reid of Rugers Groomers, Anita Knowles with Home Decor, It Works by Linda Shields, PeekaBoo Beans, and Cupcakes from Monica Pittman, Angela Tobin with Sunset Gourmet, Stefanie Dumont with Beachbody, Home Living from Sheena Urness, Ivy Pardy with Steeped Tea and Signature Homestyle, Christine Vandeburgt with Isagenix, Scentsy from Ashley Smith Jamieson, April Cooper with homemade preserves, Michelle Chisholm with Pure Romance, Paula Coutts with Avon, Gema Panagopoulos had NailArt & Design and Sandy Cyr with Home Crafts.