Last Day Lost Appearing Live at Grizfest on August 3, 2008

Originally from Maple Ridge, BC, Canadian based Last Day Lost sheds the sibling band motif and is earning their place among the pop-indie ranks. Comprised of sisters Christina (guitar & vocals) & Sarah (bass & vocals) and brother Bryant (guitar & vocals) with Steve handling the drums, LDL is quickly establishing themselves as the new breed.

They?ve opened for Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter, The Headpins, Chilliwack and Harlequin, with support slots for Hedley and Faber-Drive. They?ve won accolades ranging from 2005/2006 ?Original Band of the Year? from the Canadian Association of Musical Empowerment and Opportunity and nominations for 2005/2006 ?Entertainer of the Year.?

Catchy hooks laced with vibrant lyrics have made Last Day Lost festival mainstays with performances throughout Canada. Their Emo-pop sound with near- Fall Out Boy melodic hooks and their secret weapon killer lead singer Christina Kamlade, has people raving across the country. LDL?s persistence has eventually led the way out of British Columbia and landed extended airplay on college radio stations across Canada.

Their latest release Places To Hide is an enthusiastic burst of pop energy that explodes live onstage. Since their 2004 self-titled debut, the band has grown and expanded its sound. LDL have gradually found themselves generating a tremendous response via their myspace page, with Places To Hide creating a buzz that will soon propel Last Day Lost further into the stratosphere. This dynamic quartet will soon be blazing out of the Great White North with a growing fan base in tow and an ever expanding catalogue of new material.

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