Last loop before the big race!

Lynsey Kitching


In a town with a population close to 3,000 people, the turnouts for this year’s Flatbed Loop run/walk were awesome!

Charles Helm one of the organizers stated in a previous article about the weekly event, “Flatbed Loops is now in its 10th year. Up to 100 people typically take part over a season, while record numbers for some evenings have approached 60; quite an amazing number for a small community. With its emphasis on volunteer-driven healthy outdoor exercise for everyone in scenic surroundings, Flatbed Loops was one of the key elements in Tumbler Ridge becoming one of Canada’s three True Sport communities in 2005.”

Runners, walkers and joggers of all ages have come to venture into the forest and complete one of the two routes available. The first, the flat route, the second the hilly route with the gruelling upward struggle out of the valley then back down Suicide Hill to the finish. There is also a section in the forest were the water levels are so high, runners and walkers were wadding through water up to their knees. Though, I’m sure some of the more experienced ‘loopers’ (just made that word up now…) knew how to avoid this area, having done the run myself for the first time, I just ran right through it, actually quite refreshing.

This year, there have been 87 people who have showed up at 7:30 on Mondays starting May 6th, with an average number of 24 participants each week.

The fastest running time for this season belongs to Jeff Butcher, who finished one of the two km loops in eight minutes and six seconds. Way to go Jeff!

The weekly exercise outing was put on by the WNMS in an attempt to promote healthy life style.

Many of the participants were using this weekly meeting as a way to train for the Emperor’s Challenge, which will be happening on August 10. If you aren’t participating or volunteering, come on out and cheer everyone on as they attempt to complete the 20 km half-marathon run.

Surely, this weekly training will have helped half-marathoners prepare. Good luck everyone!