Laundromat to Open in Tumbler Ridge

It?s been a long process but the Tumbler Ridge Laundromat will be opening soon. Tena Friesen and her husband Carl are the owners. The laundromat will be a nice addition to the business community in Tumbler Ridge.

As the Friesen?s were about to move to Tumbler Ridge three years ago, the thought of opening a business here was on their mind. After having a family gathering here in Tumbler Ridge and realizing that there was no where to do all the laundry that kept accumulating(except their own washer and dryer!), the Friesen?s solidified their decision to take on the venture. It has taken approximately two years to iron out the wrinkles, but on October 5th, 2007, the Friesen?s will hold an open house to welcome the community to Tumbler Ridge?s new business, the Tumbler Ridge Laundromat.

People who come to Tumbler Ridge on vacation, people who live here and need access to laundry services on a regular basis, work crews and the occasional breakdown of a home washer and dryer ensures the laundromat will keep busy.

Now that the town of Tumbler Ridge is growing again, it is nice to see new businesses opening up. There is a definite need for a laundromat in here in town. Residents of Tumbler Ridge can now choose to do their laundry here, rather than having to take it to Chetwynd or Dawson Creek.

The Friesen?s welcome everyone to visit their family run business. The laundromat is located at 135 Commercial Park, right next to Joy propane.