Leaving Home

Nellie Meredith, July 2006

My name is Nellie Meredith. I have never been in an evacuation situation before. I had 10 minutes to load my valuables, pets etc. in the motor home and head out of town.

I had been to both update meetings on Monday. We were reassured at that time that the town was safe. However I guess the wind shifted and our town was in jeopardy.

I was driving my motor home. I had my two little dogs and a kitten with me. I was stressed and very tired after a very long day. I wondered what was going to happen to our beautiful town of Tumbler Ridge.

Sometimes it takes an emergency to bring people together. I was very well looked after by the friendly people of Chetwynd. From the time I was ushered around the corner by the RCMP at the junction of the highway (29 & 97) you knew you were in good hands.

The next turn at the school I was met by a man on a bike. He asked if I was from TR and then asked if I needed power. I said that would be wonderful. He said follow me and in no time I was plugged in and parked. Then I went to register in the school.

The calmness, kindness, and friendliness of Chetwynd really made the frightening experience of the evacuation a lot easier to deal with. We didn?t know it, but we have a lot of friends in Chetwynd.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek. Thank you to the fire fighters, RCMP and all the others that stayed behind to keep our town safe.

I am sure we will all appreciate home more than we ever did before.

Thank you one and all.