Leavings on a jet plane

Trent Ernst, Editor

Last week, Tumbler Ridge News employee Roxanne Braam hopped on a jet plane.

I guess I should say, former Tumbler Ridge News employee.

Roxanne has decided to move on. While her jetset ways are to bring her to VidCon down in Los Angeles, she will be returning, possibly by the time this paper sees print.

But she’ll only be here for a few days, as she packs up to depart Tumbler Ridge for good.

Her plans, she says, are to spend the summer with her mom in Whitecourt, then move down to Vancouver to continue going to school.

It was barely two months ago that Pam Phillips, another former TR Newser, also left.

That brings us down to two employees here at the paper.

Our owner Loraine, spent the better part of the last year dealing with complications due to diabetes, and the amputation of one of her legs.

She’s still dealing with the fall-out of that, and has decided not to return to Tumbler Ridge.

That means that there are two of us here at the Tumbler Ridge News office.

Because of the fiscal state of the town and the business, we’re probably not going to be re-hiring those positions anytime in the near future.

That means we have two people in an office big enough for five. Next door, we have an additional two desks from back when life was good and we had two ad sales people, two writers, a publisher and a front desk person.

But now? Now we have six desks for two people.

So we’ve been having a spring cleaning sale, trying to get rid of as much excess stuff as we can.

No, we aren’t planning on closing down anytime soon. Yes, we are downsizing, but no, we aren’t dead. Thanks for asking.

Or at least, thanks to the two of you who asked. For all the rest of you deciding the paper is shutting down because we’re selling off all this stuff, well, thanks for creating yet another rumour for me to disabuse you of.

A few years ago, we bought wagons for all our carriers. At the time, we were distributing not just the Tumbler Ridge News, but the Dawson Creek Mirror, and carriers needed wagons to get through their route.

But then the Mirror decided they would try a different way of distribution, and we were left with a bunch of wagons. So we’re selling those, too.

Currently we still have a bunch of desks to sell, as well as various office knick knacks and bric a brac. There’s some storage things left and a bookshelf and a bunch of computers, too. You know, if you’re looking for anything.

We’ve been looking for people to share our space here, because it’s too big for just two people, but we haven’t had any pick up on that idea. If we don’t have any response over the next few months, there’s a good chance that we might drop the office downtown and just work from home.

Again, that doesn’t mean we’re dead, just smaller than we were before.

As a community newspaper, we are tied to the community we serve, and like the community, we’ve been experiencing some hard times. Not as many people as there were when times were good.

But like the community, we’re still here and we’re not planning on going away anytime soon.