Legault Shines in Saskatchewan

This last Saturday, October 7th, Jennifer Legault competed in her first University Cross Country meet in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Legault, who successfully tried out for the University of Alberta Athletics team this fall was sent to Saskatoon along with eleven of the University of Alberta?s finest runners to compete in the 2006 University of Saskatchewan Cross Country Open.

Legault finished the 5km race with a blazing time of 21:44.29, earning her a 49th placing overall, and helping the University of Alberta Pandas finish 2nd overall amongst Universities. Conditions for this race were rather intimidating and consisted of plus three degree weather, rain and heavy wind, a field of 70 athletes and the University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and the University of Manitoba in attendance.

Legault explaining these conditions said, ?I think if I tried to imagine the most intimidating race I could, It would?ve looked exactly like that one?. Legault finished in 6th spot amongst her eleven Panda teammates that competed. Jennifer Legault now married, formally Jennifer Becker, has a long history in Tumbler Ridge, more known for her Dinosaur track way tours then her running.

The last three summers she has spent working for the TR Museum Foundation, indulging the imaginations of Dinosaur hunters alike and guiding them on a once in a lifetime exploration of the footprint sites. Legault credits this opportunity for much of the running success she is experiencing, and explains, ?When I came to Tumbler Ridge I enjoyed running but wasn?t serious?, she goes on ?After many hours of running in a city gym, I came to love the trail system, and people that ran it, it wasn?t until then that I began to think, hey maybe, I should enter a race or two?.

The University of Alberta is sure happy you did. After two competitive years on the college circuit with Grant MacEwan College, she joined the U of A Pandas. Head Coach Georgette Reed was very excited about Legaults participation in the program and said, ?We had our eye on Jen for two years, when we heard she was interested in us, we jumped at it?.

Legault has her Provincial Championships at the end of the month, where they take on their Archrivals the University of Calgary Dinos, Legault anxiously awaits the meeting. Legault surely will shine as she has done before, and show the world her best, she ends with saying ?If your best is all you have to give, then give it unconditionally, and let your best fall where it may?.